Saturday, September 24, 2011

The List

Hey people,

Throughout this project I'm going to be posting things here for your advice. I'd like to get input. These are the names I'm using, in no particular order ;), to describe the people I need to describe. Do any of these sound too rude to you? I was going to name the dead guy "The Dead Guy" but I thought of something a little bit more appropriate. Let me know! Feed back, yes?

Oh, and there will come a point where these little things will only be available on The Feisty Tales. :) Join up if you haven't already.

1. The First
2. The Angel
3. The Geek
4. The Airman
5. The Best Friend
6. The Break Through
7. The Wrestler
8. The Fling
9. The Quickie
10. The Pilot
11. The Genius
12. The Father
13. The Boy
14. The Nothing
15. The Game
16. The Puppy
17. The Perfection
18. The Surfer
19. The Present

Friday, September 23, 2011


In light of recent events that only a few know about, I decided that I need an outlet other than fiction to write about. I've contemplated doing this before but I never really had a reason or the time. Not that I have the time now, exactly, but I've been thinking about it more now than ever before.

I'm going to write an autobiography of sorts. I'm not sure exactly what to call it but I think putting this book together will help me piece together who I am and why I'm here. How I got to this level of jadedness in my life when it comes to men. I don't trust any of them. I probably never will again. But I think if I write this I'll at least help someone else to stop before they get to this point.

I'll always have the separation of love and sex because of the men in my life. But I'll always want that deep connection. I strive for it. Searching for it and going about it the wrong way... entirely the wrong way.. for the last 16 years of my life.

I've been sexually active now for exactly half of my life so I figure it's a good time to start this project. I'll post excerpts here. It will be more humorous than anything. The smut writer in me still wants to go into detail about certain men and activities we've engaged in. I'll include that but don't look at this project as a hot fiction novel.

I'll be sharing things here and there and would greatly love your opinion.

Thanks, readers. I've missed you.


Something new

Something new is going on at The Feisty Tales. Why don't you log in and find out what it is. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

* snippet *

What, what?

“So,” Joe said as he threw a wet towel on the floor despite Kristi’s glare. “Are you going over with me or are you going to wait and go over later or are you going over earlier?”
Kristi simply sighed and continued working on her laptop.
“Yo! Woman! Answer this shit.”
“Joe,” she said calmly as she turned around to face his naked ass before he slipped on his blue swim trunks. “Don’t talk to me like that.”
Biting her lip and then letting a slight sulk emerge as his ass disappeared behind the thin fabric, she shook her head and returned to her work.
“Well?” he said and sat on the bed; his elbows on his knees and his sparkling blue eyes drilling through her silence.
As she continued chewing her lip, she stood and plucked a simple white bathing suit cover from the closet. Tossing her bag over her shoulder she shrugged.

That's all, folks. Can't post anything right now anyway!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This didn't happen...

Remember this idea?

I do. And it didn't happen due to massive time restraints and other crap.


I will make it up to you, readers! I promise. I have something cool planned for you. :)


Update on updates

I've been completely neglecting my writing.

I have so many ideas, so much dialogue, so few minutes! haha There are troubles and tribulations that I really feel that all the characters (in all the stories) need to go through. Each hurdle will be something that reflects my personal life. I need this therapy. If only I could find the time.

This is the plan...

On Freaky 2: Get through a certain conversation that needs to happen. Maybe another sexitime. I'll leave that on board as I move on to...

While The Ocean Rocked: There's something major that has yet to happen, wouldn't you say? I think we've built it up long enough. Have we tortured Joe enough? Maybe. Maybe not. ;) We'll get there....... again.....with the maybes. But then...

All In Your Mind: Other than Freaky Temptation 1, this is my B A B Y. The story, minus sex, has been in my head since I was about 8. It needs to be told and on paper. But nothing that I write can mirror how beautiful the imagery is in my head. I try to describe what I see. Maybe I need to download the Thesaurus on my Evo. Ohhhhh wait, I did that already. Maybe we're set.


But here's a definite -

I missed writing. A lot. I'm doing it write now.. just writing simple dialogue. And I love it. I honestly love my characters.

You all know me. You know that I'm self mutilating when it comes to my own writing. I don't think I ever really say "OMG YOU GUYS THIS IS SOOOOOOO HOT!" about what I write. I can't be the judge of that. Obviously I think the scenario is hot or else I wouldn't be imagining it and it wouldn't be a fantasy put to paper. However, who am *I* to tell *you* that it's hot. I let you judge that on your own. Anyway, if I say that I love my characters, I really hope that you do too btw, it means something. They mean something to me. I'll never get tired of writing them but I'll always need a break. That break is far beyond OVER!!!

I'm going to open a discussion up on the board because I'm curious about something. Look for that.


There's a poll...

Please vote. It's really helping me....maybe! HAHAHA :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

* snippet of FT2 *

Not much story in this little excerpt... But a hint of what I'm writing.

Doing her best to pull her breast up to her mouth, she curled her body forward and kept her eyes on Joe. When she felt her abs contract, she saw his eyes wander around her body and then roll back in his head as the hand in his pants slowed. Finally getting her nipple into her mouth, she smiled then placed it between her teeth.
“You like that?” he panted. “You like feeling teeth on your pretty little nipples, baby?”
She loved it when he talked like that. The dirty little whispers that were backed by so much passion she could feel it penetrate her gut.