Saturday, September 24, 2011

The List

Hey people,

Throughout this project I'm going to be posting things here for your advice. I'd like to get input. These are the names I'm using, in no particular order ;), to describe the people I need to describe. Do any of these sound too rude to you? I was going to name the dead guy "The Dead Guy" but I thought of something a little bit more appropriate. Let me know! Feed back, yes?

Oh, and there will come a point where these little things will only be available on The Feisty Tales. :) Join up if you haven't already.

1. The First
2. The Angel
3. The Geek
4. The Airman
5. The Best Friend
6. The Break Through
7. The Wrestler
8. The Fling
9. The Quickie
10. The Pilot
11. The Genius
12. The Father
13. The Boy
14. The Nothing
15. The Game
16. The Puppy
17. The Perfection
18. The Surfer
19. The Present


BigMamaAJ said...

I see nothing rude about any of them. They are excellent descriptive terms. The nothing might be offended by being called that, but fuck him...he's nothing, right?? :-P

macfeisty said...

@BigMamaAJ I'm sure The Nothing won't even remember who the heck I was... it was pure nothing.

BigMamaAJ said...

Good Point. Can't wait to read more!

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